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Ferdinand Bernhofer GmbH


The committed and dynamic Bernhofer team looks forward to hearing your queries, requirements and challenges and will take care of your requests as quickly as possible.

Company management

Ferdinand Bernhofer

Managing director
ferdinand.bernhofer [at] bernhofer.at

Ferdinand Bernhofer jun.

Managing director

Johann Knauseder

Authorised signatory, finance and
accountancy management
johann.knauseder [at] bernhofer.at

Johann Jany

Quality assurance
johann.jany [at] bernhofer.at

Karl Rohringer

Commercial Manager / Human resource


Herbert Stempfer

herbert.stempfer [at] bernhofer.at

Karl Grünsteidl

Procurement / logistics
karl.gruensteidl [at] bernhofer.at

Josef Mairinger

Robby Rosenmüller

Hot processing
robby.rosenmueller [at] bernhofer.at

Hermann Reichinger

Mould tool division
hermann.reichinger [at] bernhofer.at

Ferdinand Finstermann

Maintenance and upkeep
ferdinand.finstermann [at] bernhofer.at

Sales & Marketing

Peter Folk

Sales manager own components
peter.folk [at] bernhofer.at

Jasmin Mühlbacher

Customer service / marketing
jasmin.muehlbacher [at] bernhofer.at

Barbara Grabner

Customer service
barbara.grabner [at] bernhofer.at

Silvia Spreitzer

Customer service
silvia.spreitzer [at] bernhofer.at

Markus Bota

Customer service
markus.bota [at] bernhofer.at