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Forging - Tradition

Forging has taken place on the Bernhofer premises in Höhnhart since 1603. At that time, it was still a hammer mill under the Felshofer name, but Bernhofer has carried the tradition forward from 1824 up to the present day.

The only equipment at the time was a large trip hammer driven by a waterwheel. It forged the most diverse range of tools for agriculture and forestry.

Investment in the future – the drop forge.

In 1946, Ferdinand Bernhofer sen., the father of the current owner of the firm, started to convert the hammer forge into a drop forge.

Thus, on 12th January 1949 a crucial step was taken in the move towards drop forging: the expansion of the new forging building, in which two new spring hammers and an air hammer and some crank presses were set up.

Mr. Ing. Ferdinand Bernhofer took over the firm on 1st February 1987.

Investment over generations: quality and sustainability.

In the years that followed, increased investment was made in the quality assurance and environmental protection sectors. To this end, certification in accordance with EN 150 9002 (1995), workplace evaluation and the ÖKO audit (1999) was executed.

A further investment focus was the CAD or CAM areas, whereby of course construction in the 3D sector and high-speed milling is a great challenge for our employees. Since the introduction of this CAD / CAM solution, the project development of new forging components has also been consistently continued or driven forward with the aid of recasting simulation.

Due to the capacity bottleneck which existed at the time, and as a basis for the Bernhofer 400-year jubilee in 2003, we undertook a great deal of work with the installation of a new group of presses, with a total investment volume of approximately 4.36 million Euros. Our material warehouse capacities were also generously expanded in 2008.

With a nominal power of 13,000 kN, the screw press complements the forging hammers and presses which are currently in use to great effect give us the capacity and flexibility in production we urgently need in order to continue to be equipped for the future and our continued growth.

Investing in people.

With our professionally trained employees (currently 150, including 2 apprentices) we are able to cope with present demands and will also set new benchmarks in the future. Depending on seasonal requirements, a further 10 employees work in the Bernhofer team in order to fulfil the quality requirements of our customers and also our internal quality benchmarks.

We look forward to any new challenges, both in order to grow from these and to continue our constant development.