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The committed and dynamic Bernhofer team looks forward to hearing your queries, requirements and challenges and will take care of your requests as quickly as possible.

Company management

Ferdinand Bernhofer jun.

info [at] bernhofer.at

Frank Gorzel

Head of Production and Supply Chain

Peter Folk

Head of Sales
peter.folk [at] bernhofer.at


Herbert Stempfer

Head of IT / ERP
herbert.stempfer [at] bernhofer.at

Karl Grünsteidl

Head of Procurement
karl.gruensteidl [at] bernhofer.at

Wolfgang Kobleder

Head of Finance and accounting
wolfgang.kobleder [at] bernhofer.at

Stefan Burndorfer

Head of Quality assurance
stefan.burndorfer [at] bernhofer.at

Hermann Reichinger

Head of die shop and hot forging
hermann.Reichinger [at] bernhofer.at

Georg Binder

Head of mechanical processing
georg.binder [at] bernhofer.at

Josef Mairinger

Head of Production planning
josef.mairinger [at] bernhofer.at

Franz Ebner

Head of Maintenance and upkeep
franz.ebner [at] bernhofer.at

Jasmin Mühlbacher

Head of Marketing
jasmin.muehlbacher [at] bernhofer.at


Jochen Kuchler

Senior Key Account Manager
jochen.huchler [at] bernhofer.at

Barbara Grabner

Indoor sales manager
barbara.grabner [at] bernhofer.at

Silvia Spreitzer

Customer service
silvia.spreitzer [at] bernhofer.at

Elisabeth Lindlbauer

Customer service
elisabeth.lindlbauer [at] bernhofer.at