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Bernhofer – a quality company

Tradition meets innovation.

400 years of forging tradition characterised by industry, care and enthusiasm. This is the way we have been forging for generations; our success speaks for itself.

For us, professionalism means quality at all levels.

With our future-oriented accomplishments, we are laying the foundation for international competitivity.

Bernhofer drop forging isn’t just characterised by the typical selection criteria such as quality, adherence to delivery dates and flexibility. We also place our emphasis on the customer and the future and take pleasure in the craftsmanship itself.

This is because we at Bernhofer are not just forgers. Forging is our life.

Business Holiday

Dear Madams and Sirs! 
Due to our Company Holidays the entire company is closed from 25th of July 2020 until 09th of August 2020. We will be back for you on 10th of August 2020 and wish a relaxing summer!

In the field of "customer-specific components" we offer you highly innovative, technically complex and sophisticated solutions on a geometrical and material basis.


Products from our own range of components must prove themselves under the toughest of conditions.


Planning – simulation – optimisation proposals – joint agreement with customers – sample forging – realisation, incl. processing – quality assurance – aftercare.


The Bernhofer drop forge also pays a great deal of attention to training and further training in the skilled trades in order to safeguard the continually increasing demand for skilled employees.