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Customer-specific Components

In the field of "customer-specific components" we offer you highly innovative, technically complex and sophisticated solutions on a geometrical and material basis. Beginning with your individual needs, we assist you right from the brainstorming phase, through to the design phase and implementation of your product, as well as at the start of production.

Developing special forging concepts for geometrically complex components is a priority. In order to also ensure the outstanding quality of last minute projects, we offer you a level of flexibility in this area which is above average. We can therefore achieve project lead times of 6 to 12 weeks for a new component, depending on the complexity and availability of materials!

This great efficiency is achieved by Bernhofer’s consistent use of recasting simulation in the construction of new components. Our consistent process optimisation aims to help your project management team to work in a prompt and cost-effective way.

Bernhofer is able to work in an extremely cosr-effective manner for both very small (50-100 pcs.) and also average batch sizes (up to approx. 100,000 pcs.), with prices remaining attractive even for the most diverse of tasks.

We shape your ideas. The Bernhofer team will advise and accompany you in realising your customer-specific requirements and your projects, so just contact us!

We will be very pleased to offer you personalised advice in relation to ‘customer-specific components’