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Planning – simulation – optimisation proposals – joint agreement with customers – sample forging – realisation, incl. processing – quality assurance – aftercare

Due to conscientious, effective and highly sensitive planning, we ensure that the quality of the product is unique and that we are able to produce it for you in the most cost-effective manner.

Our principals are actively engaged in the development process, thus we guarantee the greatest levels of satisfaction and process effectiveness, both at product and process level.

As our customer, you benefit from our tradition of forging and our wealth of experience. We individually inform you of problems which could arise, supplying you with optimisation proposals in advance within the scope of project management. We discuss these issues together on an equal footing, with the most open and realistic attitude, and the process is driven forward by the means of common solution development.

Sample forging is another important element for finally commencing with the production process, using both customer-oriented and efficient coordination.

After the product has been manufactured and your idea has taken form, the Bernhofer team rounds off the service with competent aftercare – we accompany you at all process levels to ensure long-term, partnership-based cooperation.



Our core strength is tool construction with parallel or upstream construction.

With several workstations in construction, 2D-3D Visi-Series, ACAD - LT and CAM Work NC, with an ATOS 3D scanner and forging simulation software in 2D and 3D projects, we work using state-of-the-art technology at the highest level.

We are therefore able to develop your projects with the greatest possible accuracy or to proceed with last-minute changes in the nick of time.

The digital project result is finally realised using HSC machines.