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Professional, environmentally-friendly, caring and long-standing

Bernhofer is the systems supplier for small and medium-sized batches for highly complex and innovative forging components.

Working with our customers in mind.

With a long experience of forging craftsmanship and professional forging technology, we continually ensure a competitive advantage for our customers. We set ourselves new technological challenges, seeing these as an opportunity to constantly develop ourselves and our products even further – always with our customers and their satisfaction in mind.

Working with the environment in mind.

Becoming increasingly cost-effective involves the greatest possible mindfulness, so we are sure to use ecological resources sparingly. Thanks to our conscientious environmental management, we secure the Bernhofer family firm and its direct environment for future generations.

Working with humanity in mind.

We place emphasis on respect, trust and tolerance in our dealings. This is because satisfied customers, employees and business partners are the foundations of our success.

We are genuine.

Our trademark is living and breathing integrity and the reliability vis-à-vis our employees and customers which results from this principle. Long-term, partnership-based relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers are important to us and mean sustainability for us. These bases are part of our tradition.

We work with:

Automotive manufacturing – engine component construction – machinery construction – gear construction – agricultural machinery – rail vehicle construction – trailer and container construction – load-securing equipment and rosettes – vehicle components, hydraulics and flange coupling rings – conveyor technology – cable car construction – mining – technical construction supply sector.